Tom Wilkowske, content strategistPrinciples of content strategy drive my work as a web content creator, manager and optimizer, and online marketing consultant.

Higher education web content is my day job and I also have some private clients.

University content strategy

As a content specialist at a university, my days are varied and typically consist of the following:

  • create and advise others in creating engaging website content
  • interview and write profiles of interesting students, faculty or employees
  • pore over web analytics to see how website visitors are engaging content
  • create online marketing landing pages
  • updating the university’s home page content
  • editing and reformatting web content
  • brainstorm content that helps drive business goals
  • conduct website content audits
  • work on a major website redesign project
  • shoot photos
  • write social media content

Content strategy consulting

As a content consultant, I offer the creative skills of an award-winning  wordsmith, designer, and storyteller along with analytical and organizing skills to conceive and execute content strategy, analysis and creation projects.

From time to time, I’ll publish articles in my blog outlining my views on web content and content strategy in general; the value of strong design, development and writing skills on the web; content marketing; measuring content success; social media content; and more.

And as keen observers (copy editors) will have learned by now, I am pro-Oxford comma (and semicolon). Deal with it.